HA-Rancher-Cluster with two rancher nodes


we use Rancher in our semi-production environment and so far we really like it, so thanks for this awesome tool.

What we now would like to achieve is a Cluster-Mode of Rancher one two physical nodes, so when node A has to go down for maintenance or other reasons, node B also runs a rancher container for the web ui and can still right to the mysql database.

From the web perspective we would use our nginx reverse proxy and add two rancher containers as upstream targets on each node. But we havent found a good guide or any hints on how to set up the mysql backend (or i did a bad research) so there are coordinated read/writes to the db when both nodes are online. We already moved the database to an external mysql server.

In the Rancher-Web-UI automatic cluster mode ist just available for 1, 3 or 5 hosts but not for a simple 2 cluster mode.

Our main target is to have access to a rancher web ui which is able to read/write to our mysql-backend when one node is down or when both nodes are up without interference.

Thanks for any hints or directions to any documentation that would fit our needs!

I believe rancher_ha uses Zookeeper and 2 nodes is not enough to elect a leader.

So don’t believe it would be possible to run as HA with 2 nodes unless you some how run 3 zks

Okay, so it has to be an uneven number to determine master/slaves?