Running Multi Node Setup under Kubernetes using GUI


I want to setup one master node and 3 worker nodes in my local VM based environment.
Orchestrating Tool: Kubernetes
Rancher: v2.2.6 ( Running in Virtual Machine A)

Now i have created one Kubernetes Cluster as “TestingCluster” by choosing
{“From nodes in an infrastructure provider=custom”}
because i want to use my own virtual as infrastructure.

Node Option: etcd and ControlPlane

Rest options are left as default. It has generated one command for me and i fired it on my separate virtual machine named as “B”. After getting provisioned my ectd , controlPlane and supported services started running on virtual machine B.

Now I want to add 3 worker node into this “TestingCluster” cluster.
And i don’t have any clue how Rancher GUI going to help me to do this task.

Hi, did you get an answer on this please as I have the same issue with a custom cluster where paste into a newly created Ubuntu Linux host the docker command from the cluster edit page to add a worker node, and the Rancher GUI never recognizes the fact there is a new node to add to the cluster?