Running Rancher HA script: "client is newer than server"

Hey all,

I’m running RancherOS from the AWS Marketplace AMI’s.

I’m trying to setup HA. I’ve got one server up, generated the script. Now when executing this script on another instance, I get:

time=“2016-04-21T04:39:03Z” level=fatal msg=“Failed to create manager” err=“Error response from daemon: client is newer than server (client API version: 1.22, server API version: 1.21)”

Can anyone point me to what is out of sync??


I’m not sure exactly how you’d be getting it, but that message is from the docker daemon/client.


Your host is running docker 1.9.1, it requires 1.10.3 for HA to work.


The v0.4.4 marketplace AMIs (which supports Docker 1.10.3) have not been added yet, we are going through the process to get them added. In the meantime, you can search for rancherOS in the community AMIs and find v0.4.4.

yep, I fixed it by just doing “sudo ros os upgrade”


We have now released RancherOS v0.4.4 AMIs in the AWS Marketplace.

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