Runnning only on clouds?

Hi there, a newbie question: do I need a cloud to connect to in order to create and run nodes OR can I just define local machines (being already e.g. in openstack) and tell rancher 2 to use these to use as resources for the nodes to be created in rancher 2?
If this option is not there, will it be implemented in the future?

Arbitrary existing machines is the “custom” option. You install a supported version of Docker on the node and then run the registration command/agent container we provide.

Hi Vincent,
thanks, but I am still lost (sorry, rancher is new for me).
Do you have a step-by-step guide on this? E.g. I do not find the ‘registration command/agent container’.


I believe that it is the command displayed during cluster creation.

Step 9 of Create Cluster ->

“9 . Copy the command displayed on screen to your clipboard.”

Hi @itman

We use Rancher 2.0 on-premise. We have used Ceph, Openstack and Rancher+Kubernetes. Nowadays We are in homologation state and I believe that on production soon.