SALT command for repositories for SLES 15 SP3

Hi there,

does anybody know to the SALT command looks like to add a custom channel in SUMA?

for sure, i can file.manage a repo file in /etc/zypp/repos.d/ but SUMA has its own file /etc/zypp/repos.d/susemanager:channels.repo where all repository urls are stored.

i want to install a fresh system, and then by adding a salt state channel repositories should be added
and additional packages should be installed.
( it should be done after bootstrapping)

can anybody send me a hint?
thanks a lot in advance!

Hi mrv,

the easy’st way it the spacecmd command “systemaddchildchannels ”
you can enter the spacecmd by just type “spacecmd” with root user. Login with you GUI account.

Keep in mind, that your custom channel must be an childchannel of our basechannel the client is connected.

Hope it helps other, cause the answer comes to late…