SUSE Manager Custom Channel

I have created a custom channel from an openSUSE repo for Python development libraries. I primarily wanted the salt packages and this was the easiest and fastest method. So I created the custom devel_languages_python channel but I am unable to add it to my clients. I cannot for the life of me figure out how I can simply add this channel to my hosts so I can then run the appropriate zypper in command to install the salt package. I would post an image but all the photo sharing sites are blocked by my company. :frowning:

My Full Software Channel List looks like this
Channel Name

  • devel_languages_python

  • RHEL x86_64 Server 6
    ** SUSE Manager tools for RHEL
    ** RES6 for x86_64

  • SLES11-SP3-Pool for x86_64
    ** SLES11-SP3-Updates for x86_64
    ** SLES11-SP2-SUSE-Manager-Tools x86_64 SP3

I am trying to get the devel_languages_python channel to my clients but cannot figure out where I can do this or how to do this.

Hopefully my diagram above is somewhat useful. I wish I could attach an image to this post but the higher powers that be are preventing me. Sorry.

With external repositories, you need to take four steps

  1. Create the repository (Manage Software Channels → Manage Repositories → create new repository)
  2. Create the channel (Manage Software Channels → create new channel)
  3. Connect the channel to the repository (Manage Software Channels → select channel → ‘Repositories’ → checkmark the repository)
  4. Import the GPG key of the repo (you can add it in the GUI if you have the key. For open build service repos, adding it via the command line is simple:
    login as root to the SUSE Manager server and run /usr/bin/spacewalk-repo-sync --channel --type yum
    (replace with the name of the respective channel) and spacewalk-repo-sync will ask you to import the GPG key.