Same VLAN for admin network, floating network & BMC network


I would like to simply my cloud design, hence i am thinking whether it is possible to have both admin/BMC network and floating network can be same. Can someone please assist in how can we achieve this with SUSE OpenStack 7? Thanks in advance.

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Shashi kanth.


I don’t see a reason why that shouldn’t work. You just have to configure your network.json according to your needs. Read this carefully to understand the interface mappings and conduits.

In your network.json you define your conduit_map:

{ "attributes": { "network": { "conduit_map": [ { "conduit_list": { [B]"admin"[/B]: { "if_list": [ "+1g1", "+1g2" ] }, "bastion": { "if_list": [ "+1g3" ] }, "traffic": { "if_list": [ "+1g4" ] } }, "pattern": "team/.*/crowbar" }, [...]

according to your desired layout. These conduits (admin, bastion, traffic) are referred to in the “networks” section:

"mode": "team", "networks": { "admin": { "add_bridge": false, "broadcast": "", [B] "conduit": "admin",[/B] "mtu": 1500, "netmask": "", "ranges": { "admin": { "end": "", "start": "" [...] }, "router": "", "router_pref": 10, "subnet": "", "use_vlan": false, "vlan": 100 }, [...] "nova_fixed": { "add_bridge": false, "add_ovs_bridge": false, "bridge_name": "br-fixed", "broadcast": "", [B] "conduit": "admin",[/B] [...] "vlan": 500 }, "nova_floating": { "add_bridge": false, "add_ovs_bridge": false, "bridge_name": "br-public", "broadcast": "", [B] "conduit": "admin",[/B] "netmask": "", [...] "use_vlan": true, "vlan": 300 }, [...]

The highlighted (bold) conduits are the ones you defined before. So if you decide to use VLANs for your networks, you just configure your floating network to use the admin conduit. The VLAN will be created on top of your admin interface and separate the traffic.

I hope this helps!

Thank you very much, let me try with this suggestion.