SAP Product Installer: Problem with SAPINST


i want to try an installation of NW742 SR2 with the SAP Product Installer (Wizard). But after the update dialog i get an error message:“The SAPINST exectuable version is not the right one (found 0 need 720) Please use another Installation Master Medium”.

I updated the SAPINST and SAPINSTGUI files in the SWPM, but the same result.

Can anyone help?



the error mean: Could not find the executable sapinst.exe
i guess you did not enter the right media path

I’m little bit confused. SAPINST.EXE ?

At first the SAP Product Installer want the directory of the Software Migrations Software (here we can found the sapinst and sapinstgui without .EXE). Then I choose my system that i want to install. Then he want the oracle RDBMS & client and then kernel and export. After this procedure i fill out the SID and password and so on. After this step i get the error with SAPINST.

Where can i found more information about the error? Is there any log file?

I updated the SAPINST and SAPINSTGUI with the newest version of SAP Marketplace, but i get the same error.