Saptune_check issue


based on SUSE SLES 15SP3, saptune_check return warning message after sytem reboot.

This is saptune_check v0.2.2.

It verifies if saptune is set up correctly.
Please keep in mind:

  • This tool does not check, if the tuning itself works correctly.
  • Follow the hints from top to down to minimize side effects.

Checking saptune

[NOTE] saptune package has version 3.0.1
[WARN] System is in status “degraded”. Failed services are: postfix.service syst emd-udev-settle.service → Check the cause and reset the state with ‘sys temctl reset-failed’!
[ OK ] configured saptune version is 3
[ OK ] sapconf.service is inactive
[ OK ] sapconf.service is disabled
[ OK ] saptune.service is active
[ OK ] saptune.service is enabled

1 warning(s) have been found.
Saptune should work properly, but better investigate!

Where to fins log related ? or solve this issue ?

Thanks for your support