Scaling Cattle - how far can it go?

I have a Rancher install that is managing maybe 40 hosts, and 100+ containers. This is done using Cattle. However, everything is now running slowly - restarts of a service (no download needed) can take 30 minutes+, making it sometimes unusable.

I was wondering if there is a point at which Cattle fails as an orchestrator, and whether we have likely reached that point?


With 1.1 we typically suggest no more than 50 hosts per cluster, but in, 1.2 which should come out at the end of this month, this number for Cattle will jump significantly.

If you need some help tuning this - you can email me at, and I can have someone from our field engineering team chat with you about it.

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Looking at Github, I see 1.2.0 release candidates being made, but I also see 160+ issues still outstanding. Would it be reasonable for us to try out 1.2.0 now using an RC, or would you advise us to wait? We can install an RC and move environments into it one at a time.

Currently, the 1.2.0-pre4-rc versions are not working out of the box. I would not recommend using them at this time. We are hoping the next RC will work without any manual manipulation.