Cattle - port out the essentials

the new 2.0 rancher is exciting, however with regards to cattle 1.x (orchestrator)

Cattle (rancher 1.x) is simple, you can pick it up quickly. it is perfect for small/medium companies, project/products, easily capable of running these containers. also it seems to have smaller requirements in order to run.

is it possible, before you move completely to a kubernetes based engine, to pull out a watered down cattle 1.x only solution (agents, orchestrator, UI), without the managing of the other orchestrators? and put it into its own set of repo’s (new organisation on github)

it would be a shame to see such a great orchestrator go (please see this as a complement to your existing work)

K8s, mesos and swarm are largely catalog items, so “just” cattle is still effectively everything.

We will be maintaining 1.6 for at least another year, and everything is already open source if someone wants to maintain it after we no longer are someday.