Segmentation fault when su

Hi Friends,
I am working on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP1 for testing and I have getting Segmentation fault when do the su to the on specific user set.
otcrel3@x4600-icap:/x03/otcrel3>su - otc6
Segmentation fault

But this is working fine in users in /x04 mount point.
I have getting following error message in /var/log/message.

Jun 29 12:10:11 x4600-icap kernel: [5836714.769438] su[26191]: segfault at 7fffa05a6924 ip 00007fd7db83b2b0 sp 00007fffa05a67f0 error 6 in[7fd7db835000+b000]

Do you have any issue any idea regarding this issue,


Hello my friend,

I think your filesystem is readonly and/or crashed. Would explain, why it’s working in another mountpoint.

Let’s do an “strace -p su - otc6” .

Also, ls -l /etc/pam.d/

Hi Dhananjaya,

does “ldd $(which su)” give any indication that shared libraries are load from /x03/…, rather than from /lib/… ?