Service upgrade error after updating to 0.42

After upgrading to 0.42 service upgrades are failing with the error message:

FATA[0000] Bad response statusCode [422]. Status [422 status code 
422]. Body: [fieldName=Either toServiceId or 
launchConfig/secondaryLaunchConfigs params need to be specified, 
code=InvalidOption] from [http://rancher_addr/v1/services/1s318/?action=upgrade]

The command I am using is as follows:

rancher-compose -f rancher-compose.yml -p dev-main upgrade dev-ui dev-ui-temp --cleanup

And the compose file is:

  restart: always
  tty: true
  image: ui:development7e5e82ffa3163cc8ab7f12ec8b95c1d9c15a7d14
    - dev-redis:redis
    - dev-memcache:memcache
    - dev-api:api
  stdin_open: true
    io.rancher.scheduler.affinity:host_label: type=application

The documentation doesn’t suggest that anything has changed with regards to this, though I suspect that I am just missing something.

What version of rancher-compose are you using? Can you do a rancher-compose -v?

This sounds like

My google is weak today, I literally just found it. I upgraded on monday to 0.42 server, not sure how I missed 0.43.1.

Part of the build gets rancher compose from

Which I guess was not compatible with the server version I was using.

Yes, we started pinning exact versions to Rancher server (Starting in v0.42.0) so the link might not be updated to latest versions of rancher-compose.

I haven’t had time to test the upgrade issue to see what the issue might be. (Mostly cause I’m on vacation!)

We’ve started specifying versions of Rancher-compose that are compatible with Rancher. In these cases, you need to upgrade your version of Rancher to use the updated rancher-compose.

Rancher: v0.41.0 uses Rancher-compose v0.4.1
Rancher: v0.42.0 uses Rancher-compose v0.4.3
Rancher: v0.43.1 uses Rancher-compose v0.5.0

When you align the release versions for Rancher and rancher-compose, the upgrade will work with no issues.