Issue upgrading Service (Validation failed in API: requestedHostId)

I run currently rancher 0.46 and try to upgrade a service a second time and get the error shown in the screenshoot. The only thing i did is to change the container tag of the image from 8.1.4 to 8.2.1

this is may docker-compose:

… Env Vars …
image: sameersbn/gitlab:8.1.4

  • redis:redisio
  • /var/docker/gitlab:/home/git/data

    this is may rancher-compose:

    scale: 1
    port: 80
    interval: 20000
    unhealthy_threshold: 3
    request_line: GET HTTP/1.0
    healthy_threshold: 2
    response_timeout: 2000

Any ideas?

Found the issue, the service is configured to run on a specific host and the wizard selected the first host and not the previously selected one.So this is might a bug.

I think it is the same issue as described here.

@djskinner looks like