Services stuck on "starting" state

Hey, I need to ask somewhere. Here it goes. First of all thanks to everyone for the patience. I’m Juan, It engineer.

I’m running rancher 1.6.29 in production, yet. Our company just didn’t had the time to update to v2 yet. Thing is that somewhere in this week, I tryed to create a service in one of my stacks and it just hangs at “starting” while the container starts successfully and it’s up and running (also, if I delete it, it never gets deleted from servers). This is a production environment, it was working flawlessly, and all the services that are already up and running are still there and they works fine.

Something strange about this behavior is that some docker images works fine, and some other causes this issue. I.e.: nextcloud and adminer causes it but nginx or mariadb doesn’t.

I’m now in a slow migration stage where I need to rebuild all the stacks and all network LB and point and test every service and domain just to launch a single service. This is a pita! If someone could give me a hand on this issue I will be very grateful.

Some more information:

Servers: HA setup with external mysql 5.7. 4gb ram each. Ubuntu 18 lts
Hosts: custom hosts, 6x ubuntu 18 lts with at least 8gb ram each (varies from 8 to 16).