SES 5.5 update breaks grafana

New SES 5.5 update breaks variables on the following data metrics dashboards:
Ceph OSD
Node Statistics.

Datasource variables are unavailable for selection. Default time is June 16…

Only fix so far found is to roll back the dashboard to pre 10/26 patches.


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We’ve only just updated to 5.5 but I see the same issue on our openattic.

Ceph OSD Metric only shows placement groups, none of the other entries (Util, Util variance, Latency, OSD storage).
Ceph Node Statistics are all blank with no data points/data to show.

Default date they open with is in June but I’ve reset them to last 7 days and still only see the above.


This has been fixed in deepsea version 0.8.8.