Set reverse proxy path automatically from stack creation (catalog) to load balancer?

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Brand new to Rancher, I’ve come across some docs but couldn’t find what I want. So I’d like some hints if it possible before digging to far.
I want my developers to access Rancher and create stack on demand by only choosing the app version. All and each stacks expose port 80, 8080 and 9090. I only have one host and one domain/ip. So I would like to use Rancher load balancer to reverse proxy each stack (using different path), but doing so automatically. So, from the user/developers perspective, it only has to go through catalog > my_app > select version, choose a name and choose a path to access its stack.

I know LB supports selectors but it will only load balance traffic between apps and can’t add a new rule (for a different path) (right?).

This is what creating a new stack should look like. Now I miss the part ‘send configurations to a reverse proxy’

Question : Is it possible select the reverse proxied path directly during stack creation (from catalog) ?

Answered my own question… I was looking for something like this

but it’s not good for cluster and you have to share the socket from host which is not acceptable for production (security question).
Beside it’s not working for me (yet), I think the way to go is Traefik

I hope this will help someone.

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