Share volume data accross multipe hosts


What is the best way to deploy volume data accross multiple hosts ?


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Hi Renaud,

I’m not 100% clear on what you are asking. Are you asking:

  • whether a volume can attach volumes across hosts? That is something that Docker doesn’t do by default. We will be launching some new features that will allow storage access across hosts in the near future.
  • whether you can deploy a data container via Rancher and ensure that it lands on the same host as your “consuming” container? You can achieve this by using affinity rules or if you are launching containers via services, you can use our new “sidekicks” features to ensure that data containers are co-located with the “consuming” services.


Yes you perfectly understood my question :wink: You speak a very well “french-glish” :slight_smile:

So my concern is about your first point, and I realize that’s not a rancher question but maybe a docker’s design pattern using rancher.

My goal is to distribute on n-hosts an application. But this app use a volume-app to store dynamic data. To do scaling (or failover) I wish to be able to the couple “docker-app + docker-volume” on these n-hosts and sync.

I don’t really no if it’s a good approach in a docker world and maybe I reproduce what I do with VM/physical servers.

Thanks for your help,

We will be coming out with some exciting volume solutions to exactly deal with your fail-over scenario of moving data across hosts. Look for it in the upcoming weeks.


Hello, any news about this feature ?

I’d be interested too.

Convoy volume plugin provide backup / restore / snapshot to migrate Volumens to other hosts.

Flicker could be the volume plugin you searching for. Haven’t tested it, but it should take care about multi host available volumes.
Also network storage (NFS, Ceph) should be a solution for shared volumes and multi host setup.

Read Flocker and not Flicker :wink:

Sorry, android spellchecker auto corrected Flocker to Flicker… :confused:

+1. Me too. I am actually wondering if rancher has any plans for a rancher supported distributed storage solution in its roadmap.


I’d be particularly interested in integration with Flocker. It might even be that supporting Flocker would mean that supporting Docker storage plugins would be supported.

+1 I would be intrested too, currently leveraging my application using Flocker.

Any updates on this feature yet??. :wink:

GlusterFS & convoy

Have a look over here: rancher docs

Is there a more detailed documentation about Longhorn?

A multi host Volumen sync solution is searched for the near future.