Shared SMB storage for workers


Im completely new to rancher, but do have some knowledge of how docker works.
Ive recently deployed a rancher enviroment, containing 1 Etcd & Control plane node, and 3 worker nodes.

Since the enviroment is only for testing, i wanted to use an existing HA SMB fabric, that is already present in the enviroment, for storing the containers persistent configs / data.

Ive mounted the SMB volume to each worker node under “/docker/storage/smb”, and verified that the i can both read and write to volumes.

But i cant figure out, how to map this storage into the containers, like i would do in docker with the “-v /docker/storage/smb/container1/config:/config”

Ive tried to map it as persistent volumes, and use the “Bind-mount a directory from the node”, but dont seem to work properly.

Im fairly sure that im doing something completely wrong, but cant seem to figure out the correct way of achieving this.

BBS: The SMB path is Active directory DFS based, so most SMB clients cant connect natively, so to mount the SMB shares from inside the containers, is not an option.