Storage? Some newbie asking here

Okay So i have been playing around with Rancher for a while. I have been using a singe node setup. (I know taboo) So Now we want to make it cluster to fail over and I started to think. Hey im using bind dir, WTH am I going to do when the node with my information goes down? Guess I need to go look into it, but there is soooo much in it. I have looked into longhorn but I only got it to work once, and now I think I have screwed up my prototype cluster… -_-

I need some advice. Im storing things like Mysql database, Jenkins ci/cd, Maybe a nexus repo, Bug reporting and some other things… What can I do?

Thanks For the help in advance!

we are a mostly NetApp shop, and have been using the NetApp Trident plugin, works great.

Also heavily use the generic NFS provisioner, and this too works without issue.

There are almost 1 million different ways you can configure shared storage. File, block, iSCSI, NFS, Vmware etc etc etc etc etc