Simplest install of RKE: failed to reconcile etcd plane

I have installed ubuntu 2004 with docker from official repositories.
I have the simplest cluster.yml file:

- address:
user: ubuntu
role: [controlplane, worker, etcd]

I start RKE installation but at the end it says:

INFO[0019] Checking if container [cert-deployer] is running on host [], try #1
INFO[0019] Removing container [cert-deployer] on host [], try #1
INFO[0019] [reconcile] Rebuilding and updating local kube config
INFO[0019] Successfully Deployed local admin kubeconfig at [./kube_config_cluster.yml]
INFO[0019] [certificates] Successfully deployed kubernetes certificates to Cluster nodes
INFO[0019] [reconcile] Reconciling cluster state
FATA[0019] Failed to reconcile etcd plane: Etcd plane nodes are replaced. Stopping provisioning. Please restore your cluster from backup.

can you help me?

You probably have a cluster.rkestate and/or kube_config_cluster.yml in the same directory from a previous attempt? Making sure the directory only contains cluster.yml should be enough to resolve this issue.