SLE12 Partitioning guideline

Hi All,

We normally build our templates in SLES11 on LVM with separate partitions for some mountpoints e.g.


This allows us to dynamically grow or shrink disk space as needed on the different mountpoints.
The templates are on VMware and so we can extend disks on the fly and increase space without downtime.

With SLE12 I would like to do the same thing but also be able to utilise the BTRFS snapshot functionality

How do I make this a realty?

Do I create an LVM based solution as in the past and then just create BTRFS filesystems for each mountpoint as we did in the past?
or do we create subvolumes?

I would appreciate some advice



From what I can tell with subvolumes (having them defined in openSUSE
systems of mine for a few years now) there is nothing in them which
pertains to disk size… they’re there to control whether or not you have
snapshots or other btrfs-specific features enabled for one part of the
filesystem or another.

As a result, just do things as you always have within LVM, and then use
subvolumes to control things like whether or not you want to snapshot
things like /var/tmp instead of /var, or /tmp instead of /, or whatever.

Good luck.

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Thank you.

I was thinking that just to create volumes as normal and use btrfs on each volume so we get snapper goodness :slight_smile: