Trying to add new /tmp partition to machine. btrfs error?

I’m getting the following if I add a drive to sles12sp2 machine and try to mount it on /tmp

Warning: Some subvolumes of the root filesystem are shadowed by mount points
of other filesystem. This could lead to problems.


Really use this setup?

Is there a way to tell btrfs not to shadow /tmp? Or is something else going on?


Trying to remove tmp subvolume ?

btrfs subvolume list /
it is listed as @/tmp

when I try to
btrfs subvolume delete @/tmp
or /tmp or @tmp it always says no such file or directory??


Hhmm… looks like the only option that is working for me to remove the subvolume is to use yast, and ignore the command line. Not sure why I can’t figure out the right path.