SLE311v12 Exercise3 node02 Installation: No Boot

Hi, I have executed all the steps to install node02 but it not boot from network.
The problem seems to be on the dhcp net0

Thanks for suggestions

Check the lab instructions again. Make sure you installed and configured the DHCP server correctly.

Thanks for your answer.
I have checked and actually the DHCP is running correctly releasing an IP
Bottom the console output

[B]Configuring (net2 52:54:00:17:20:11)…ok
net2: gw
Filename: pxelinux.0
Nothing to boot: No such file or directory (
No more network devices

Problem is then moved to the tftp booting
I cannot see any entry in the /var/log/messages file of deploy node about the tftp.

In the /srv/tftpboot are present the files

[B]r–r–r-- 1 tftp tftp 76547780 initrd
r–r–r-- 1 tftp tftp 6856480 linux
r–r–r-- 1 tftp tftp 438 messages
rw-r–r-- 1 tftp tftp 26748 pxelinux.0

and directory pxelinux.cfg with the default file inside.

Where I can investigate?
Thanks for any suggestions

Without being able to look at your environment, this is very difficult to diagnose. The easiest fix would be to click the Reset button to revert your VMs to their original state and start over.

Good evening,

I’m also attempting to do the “Lab 3.12 - Install SLES for SAP Applications using AutoYaST (3 mins)” to install SLES in “node02”.

In my case, the installation process started well, but now it seems to be “stuck” / “hangs” in the “middle” (24%) of the “Performing Installation” (“Installing Packages”) step:

Any help to troubleshoot / solve this, please?

Thanks in advance.

Following up to my previous post, to say that, meanwhile, I (re-)read another Thread, namely the “node01 installation stucks/freezes” topic - (also located in this “Technical Questions” Forum) - and I’ve read the answer / tip given there by the Academy Instructor: “I have seen it happen where the install freezes. Try powering off the VM and restart the installation.”.

So, I powered the VM off and on again, to repeat the AutoYaST instalation (in “Lab 3.13”) and … “lo and behold!” … this time, the “node02” AutoYaST SLES Installation completed successfully! I thank the Academy Instructor for that “restart the VM” tip that helped me to successfully complete the AutoYaST SLES install of “node02” :slight_smile:

You are welcome. I am glad that it worked for you.