SLED SP2 Touch Calibration question

I just installed SLED 10 with SP 2, the touch is working, but doesn’t have proper calibration. The touch control is eGalax which I believe SLED install x11-input-evtouch X.Org input evtouch driver from installation.

My question is how could I do calibration in SLED?

Thanks in Advance

I need to check the latest eGalax driver from their website on SLED 11
SP2, this has an install routine (not sure of it’s status with SLED)
but it does contain the necessary files to calibrate.

Try it out, if you still have issues post back and will look at setting
up here…

The other option to try is sax2 (as root user) and see if you can
calibrate that way.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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