SLES 11.0 and SAP ECC 6.0 - wildcard issue

We are pretty new to running SAP application servers on Linux (SLES)
boxes and have encountered and issue we cannot put are hands around. We
are passing P*.* out of our variant in SAP to a FTP script on the Linux
server. The script gets passed for pieces of information when it is
called. The last of which is the P*.. Well it appears Linux is taking
that P
.* and doing a file listing of the working directory where the
script is executed from. In this case, the directory location is

I had one of the SAP ABAP’ers to change the variant and pass ‘P*.*’ to
the script but the variant gives and error and won’t accept that value.

We are at a loss as to why SLES is using the P*.* as a wildcard instead
of passing it as a literal text. Specially since I am not specifically
using it in a direct command. We just want P*.* to be in the variable of
the script, not the first file that starts with a P in the working

If anyone has any information that might point me in the right
direction, I would appreciate it.



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