SLES 11 SP 2 updates


We have two SLES 11 SP 2 servers in production.
We want to update both servers to the last software packages but we see that this release is in end of support.
How we can do? Do we have to upgrade to SP3?
Do we need diferent support for that version?

Could you please help us.

Thanks in advance

Normally you’ll need to either subscribe to the Long Term Service Pack
Support (LTSS) option from SUSE, or you’ll need to be on the latest SP.
Old SPs are supported for six months after a newer SP is released,so SP2
has been out of support since early 2014.

I am not good at licensing, but I believe if you have maintenance or are
otherwise subscribed to SLES 11 in general then you are entitled to
whatever SP is latest. For all I know, you may be entitled to whatever
version of SLES is latest (even a newer one, like when SLES 12 comes out
later this year) as long as you have maintenance. As always, verify with
your account/sales rep.

Good luck.

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Thank you ab.