SLES 11 SP2 Xen deletes virtual disk during install of Guest

I am trying to install a guest SLES 11 SP2 on Xen running on a SLES 11 SP2 Dom0 Host.

I am using Paravirtualisation, and using a 50 GB sparse file for the disk and a virtual CDROM pointing at a downloaded ISO for the install source.

The installation of the Guest OS starts and continues quite happily until the end of the software file copy. At this point the OS requires a reboot and goes into the 10 sec count down.

When the countdown finishes the GUI disappears, a terminal shows that the OS is going down. AND IT IS HERE the disk0.raw file is deleted. I watched it, doing a ls -ls command. When the VM Manager tries to restart the guest, so the second stage of the install can continue, there is no disk and the vm manager errors to this effect.

During the install of the Guest, up to the point of the reboot, the ls -ls command on the Host shows the 50 GB allocated to the sparse file and the blocks being used increasing as the guest’s file system is filling up.

I am confused, as this is a “plain” install of SLES 11 on both Host and Guest, I would have thought it would have worked first time. Have searched forums and TIDs etc but no mention of this issue.

HW is a ASUS motherboard, Intel 4 core processor with 16GB memory. VT turned on in BIOS. 2 x SATA 1TB disks software mirrored and mounted where the Xen is storing its images.

Thoughts anyone?


Additional Notes: Restarted the VM Creation process, but this time used the Full Virtual Guest setting and I am currently sitting in front of a happily running SLES server in a DomU.

So any thoughts why the Paravirtualisation version is happy to set the disk up, fill it up and then delete it during a reboot?