Sles 11 sp3 Fibre Channel SAN

Hello. Can someone help me please, or give the link on manual.
I have virtual machine with fresh installation of Sles 11 sp3 on Hyper-V server 2012 R2.
Now I need to mount disk, that I created on HP 3PAR SAN connected by Fibre Channel.
I tried to find some information but with no success. Everything that i could find is that I need to install Emulex and QLogic drivers, but i can’t understand why I must do it, because there is windows virtual fibre switch, to which virtual machine is connected.
Question is how can I connect Sles and HP San?

Is your VM paravirtualized? Otherwise you’d probably see the “classic” disks available to be configured in Yast, and no FC driver needs to be installed anyway.

If you are really going paravirtual, ensure that “chkconfig multipathd on” is set.

Consider reading the storage admin guide

HTH, Thomas