SLES 11 SP4 VMware SCSI Controllers

I am having an issue when I add four paravirtual scsci controllers and add a disk to the 4th controller in vmware. When the system boots it ends up remapping all of my scsi drives and the drive on the 4th controller becomes sda. I have a case open with vmware but I would like to determine that this is not an issue with the OS itself.

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I have seen this happen when hooking up four SATA disks on ASUS Motherboards, easy way around is to use UUID (which is default now) rather than device name.

If you run the command blkid to get the UUID and edit /etc/fstab (or YaST partitioner) and grub (via YaST bootloader) rather than /dev/sda use UUID= then it shouldn’t matter where the device is.