SLES 12 64bit Xen - Yast and Bridges


We have been performance testing SLES 12 Xen. In addition to SLES vm’s, we are also testing Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 and Windows 7 Pro x64 (with the VMDP 2.2). We have recently run into an issue with networking. Section 19.1 of the SLES12 Virtualization guide notes that dom0 bridges created through YAST are supported and can to be used with domu’s through virt-manager and virt-install. This appears to be the same functionality we had in SLES 11 SP3 dom0’s, however, when testing newly created, fully virtualized Windows hosts, the Windows VM’s are fine except there is no network traffic (even with all firewalls disabled). Is SLES 12’s YAST really setup to manage network bridges as required for Xen 4.4.x domu/dom0?


While YAST Network Setup shows correctly configured bridges and interfaces, for some reason, virsh net-info shows no interfaces/bridges (inactive/active) for any domains. Assuming there are supposed to be networks here now, perhaps here is the scripting disconnect with Yast/virt-manager/libvrt/virtsh? We will explore doing this manually, but it seems like another regression for Xen support as compared to 11 SP 3. I think this is how we would approach correcting the issue manually via virsh :

After a few days of testing this, we just can’t figure out what we are doing incorrectly. On the exact same hardware, we blew away the SLE 12 install, installed SLES 11 SP 3 x64, rebooted with the Xen kernel and everything just works. SLES 12 Xen is just a struggle for us at the moment. We’re going to wait on SLE 12 until we have some formal SLES 12 training on virtualization before going any further with this part of the SLE 12 project.