SLES 12 SP3 for Business One under xen

Dear Community,
I’ve been trying to install for a few days SLES 12 SP3 for SAP Business One (not for SAP Applications!) under Citrix Hypervisor (XEN Server). I’ve been trying versions 8.0 and 7.6 of xen with same… well… no effect. After selecting the “Install…” option I can see many texture information (they are running too fast to read them) and process is ending with something like a part of shell script:

  • set +x
  • continue
    ++ sort
    ++ xargs
  • devicesDisks=
  • ‘[’ -z `` ‘]’
    +systemException ‘No device(s) for installation found… abort’ reboot
  • local 'IFS=
  • set +x
  • echo -e ‘[ 26.187240] No device(s) for installation found… abort’
  • case “$what” in
  • cat /var/log/
    rebootException: reboot in 120 sec…

I suspect that the installation program can not see the target disk but I have no idea what I can do. Does anybody have any idea?

Under same xen I can easily install clean SLES 12 SP3 and SLES 12 SP3 for SAP Applications. Without any problems I can also install SLES 12 SP3 for B1 under VirtualBox.

Regards, Eryk.

With SLES 11 SP4 for B1 is even more interesting. After creating new VM from SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP4 template, VM won’t start with error message:
“Could not access file:///tmp/cdrom-repo-LiRfAA/boot/x86_64/vmlinuz-xen”

After unpacking the iso file there is no PV version of kernel indeed. So I changed domain-type to hvm and PV-bootloader to empty. Now installation process is interupting very similar to the SLES 12 SP3 for B1, but messages this time are more accurate and they confirm my earlier suspicions.
Found CD/DVD: /dev/cdrom
UDF-fs: Partition marked readonly; forcing readonly mount
Searching harddrive for CD installation
no block device found
no block device found (<—yes, twice)
No device(s) for installation found… abort
rebootException: reboot in 120 sec…

Well i’m stuck again/still. Any help, plz?

Regards, Eryk.