SLES 12: what happened to /var/log/boot.omsg ?

i have a host with SLES 12 SP3 which occasionally failed to boot. It stucks in starting D-Bus.
I have to reset the system because access is not possible.
Afterwards the system always boots fine.
When i want to look in /var/log/boot.omsg to see the log of the failed boot procedure, it’s not available.
In earlier Suse versions it was. Is there a way to get it back ?
/var/log/messages also does not tell anything of the failed boot procedure.



Probably systemd :wink:

journalctl -b --list-boots
journalctl -b
dmesg | less

Hi Malcom,

yesss. Sometimes i’m unable to see the wood for the trees. Unfortunately i didn’t create /var/log/journal, which is necessary that systemd stores persistent logs. I had not, so currently i don’t have logs from the failed boot. But i created it now (following man 5 journald.conf), so if the error appears again (it surely will) i can’t check now what’s going wrong.