SLES AMD 64 downloads

Hi all, just wondering if anyone can tell me why there are 2 DVD downloads for SLES, one is 3 Gb, the other is 4 Gb.
Whats the difference between the 2? Is it something to do with SP2?

Thanks, regards Peter.

DVD2 contains the src rpms which is not required for the install.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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aha, thanks for that Malcolm. FYI I’m playing with SLES to set up a Zimbra mail server and am also going to try setting up an Own Cloud server too. Should be fun!
I suppose I could do all this with OpenSuse, I might end up doing just that if I want to make these projects permanent as I’m not about to buy licenses for SLES servers just for home projects.

Cheers, Peter.