SLES Distribution for X86

Hi all,
I’ve a doubt about SLES 11 SP1 distribution.
I’ve the distribution, already installed, on HP-blade and now I should install it on a SUN fire-blade x86.
Does the distribution work on FireBlade, or is there a specific distribution ?


Hi Stefano,

vendor-specific additions are usually handled by extra packages provided by the vendor, not via specific SLES distributions. Exceptions would be distributions pre-optimized for specific environments (i.e. SLES for VMware or SLES for SAP applications), which do not apply in your case.

SLES11SP3 is out there and should be used for a new install. Of course there may be restrictions you have to follow (like additional products only supported on SP1), so “I’m just asking…” :wink:


Hi Jens,
thanks for your reply.
So, I can use the same distribution for SUN platform from SUSE point of view. Now I should understand if my specific product has some module platform-dependent.

Thanks again,