SLES license question for z/Linux configuration

We have a z/Linux frame with 70 IFLs, and all are divided up among LPARs. SUSE is running on a few hundred VMs on 3 of the LPARs that total 24 IFLs. Because 24 IFLs are all that are “used or executed” by virtual machines running SUSE, the appropriate license quantity (number of IFLs under support) is 24. Correct?

“IBM System z (s390x): “For a system with IBM System z processors (s390x), the number of required subscriptions for your environment needs to match or exceed the number of IFLs (Integrated Facilities for Linux) on which SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is deployed, installed, used or executed.”


Yes, that is my understanding. When we went from a 7 IFL LPAR (running z/VM and SLES) to an 8 IFL LPAR, we had to notify SUSE and pay for another license.