SLES-sp2 for vmware dvd #2 download error

I don’t have a Novell/SuSE CID so I can’t file a service request, the “non-technical” chat has gotten me nowhere, and this probably isn’t the right forum but there’s no general forum so I’m using it.

I’m taking advantage of the SLES for Vmware offerings my employer is entitled too because due to our vsphere licenses. I can download DVD1 without issue but any attempts to download either the i586 or x86_64 DVD2’s result in a status=502, and I’ve tried multiple browsers, wget, aria2c, with http_proxy in front of me. The link I’m using is

Can someone from Novell or SuSE please look into this and fix this issue?


Just to be clear this DVD is not usually required for a basic install and
contains stuff for development (like source code) and possibly some other
headers or -devel libraries. If you are just planning on building a SLES
box generally, ignore it.

With that said, this URL is working for me currently using curl:


curl --user usernameHere -O

Good luck.

Yes, I’m aware it contains -devel libs, source code, etc…I need to build packages/code on sles that’s why I need it. I’ve just attempted to download the iso from outside my employers network and it’s started, which is odd. I’ll need to followup with our IT staff about this.


Have you looked at the public open build service, or you own OBS

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Hi Malcolm,

I use OBS quite extensively, I just accepted your server:monitoring/sec SR ;-), and do run a local instance as well. I do want the ability to build outside of OBS to debug issues that may arise but more importantly to be able to deploy a full server instance if need be.


Ahh so your THAT Darin :wink:

Yes, OBS changes the way things are built, especially if wanting to
rebuild a rpm with rpmbuild --rebuild…

If you use wget, then you need to ignore the authenticate challenge;

wget --auth-no-challenge --http-user=username.......

This is my standard blurb for the http proxy;

Your proxy should should accept Novell domain (or at least selected
sites used like and without

You need to populate proxy setting in YAST and to add two lines
with your proxy information to /etc/profile, for example:

export http_proxy=“
export https_proxy=“

As well as the /root/.curlrc

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