SLES - zypper ("no repository found")

Hello guys,
last year a colleague provisioned a SLES Server in Azure. (SLES 15)
Now I want to check the repository of this server (because I wanted to update 3 libraries) and when I hit “zypper lr” I get the info, that no repository is installed.
When I look at a newer server (SLES for SAP 15 SP02) and hit “zypper lr” then all repositories were listed. Also with “zypper lu” all new updates where found and listed.
I checked also all firewall rules and network settings in Azure but all is OK and there are no dependencies when we compare those 2 servers. Also all 2 servers were registered in Azure when we installed it.

What could be the reason of that?
Please help us in this case!

Thanks & Regards,

@ML Hi and welcome to the Forum :smile:
I’m not an Azure user, but do wonder if SLE 15 no service pack is still supported? I would suggest heading over to the new Community to ask about this, only a few more days before these Forums will be read only…

If you don’t get any other replies in a day or so from other forum users, would suggest you head over to the new Community and ask there? Suggest