SLES12 HP DL380 Gen9 P440ar controller and SAS Expander Car

Hi everybody,
I’ve tried to install SLES12 via Autoyast on a HP DL380 Gen9. Bios is set to legacy mode, hardware is a P440ar controller with SAS Expander Card. During loading the kernel it stop at 64% and after a while the system crash with a trace that says that there is no diskspace. So far, so bad… If I remove the Expander card system is installable. I’ve then installed the newest kernel 3.12.39-47-default and re-connect the Expander card. System boots up. I don’t know if the system is able to recognize the last 4 HDDs because there are only 6 in the machine. I guess I have to build a second logical volume with them.
Now my question: Is there a way to get the installer to use the newer kernel while first loading it? Or must I rebuild the installer-DVD incl. the initrd on it with the new kernel? Are there things to pay attention on it?

You’ll probably get better answers by posting in the SLES forum :wink:

Upps, my fault. here we go on Could an mod please close this thread here?