SLES12 SP1 /var/log/messages are not updating

Last log was written on 12th Dec in /var/log/messages

Need support to fix this issue

2018-12-12T09:24:01.763125+00:00 hec01v043264 systemd[1]: Starting Session 332190 of user root.
2018-12-12T09:24:01.763685+00:00 hec01v043264 systemd[1]: Started Session 332190 of user root.
2018-12-12T09:45:33.719116+00:00 hec01v043264 kernel: [16322192.848050] systemd-journal: 118 output lines suppressed due to ratelimiting

Perhaps you are out of disk space; post the output from the following:

df -h

Perhaps you just need to restart the daemon, and the service name is
‘rsyslog’ on SLES 21 I believe:

systemctl restart rsyslog

It might be useful if you included other information such as what may have
happened on the 12th, what patches you last applied, if this is working
properly on other similar boxes you have, etc.

Good luck.

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