SLES15 at booting it does not mount the connection to iSCSI

SLES 15 4.12.14-150.22-default 11-06-2019 with KVM installed;

Always i boot the SLES 15 (at weekend after backup of VMs to QNAP NAS / iSCSI volume) the sles 15 even having in fstab a line with configuration to mount the iSCSI volume, does not mount it!
UUID=f1131677-8b72-4091-vv04-67519bc32b80 /mnt/jetiscsi xfs nofail 1 2

I have also defined in yast/iscsi: “Mount: …on boot”

And if i go into yast/iSCSI and mount it, it mounts with no problem!

My problem is that after making the backups of VMs to volume of QNAP NAS / iSCSI, i reboot the server,and after i will copy the VMs from QNAP NAS / iSCSI to a LAN disk, but once there are no QNAP NAS / iSCSI mounted…no copies to LAN Disk.

Thanks for any help!

Paulo Sousa