SLES15-SP5: perl modules missing

I’m using the rpm logwatch on all linux machines.
To fullfill all dependencies I had to create an own channel on our Uyuni system in order to provide the content of the right repository at
With SLES15-SP4 there was a corresponding repository at, but during preparation of SLES15-SP5 I discovered, that there is no corresponding repository for perl modules.
Will this repository be added (soon) or do I have for another way to provide perl modules?

Tobias Crefeld.

@Crefeld Hi and welcome to the Community :smile:
Is this with the PackageHub version of logwatch? If it is then you should not need to add any unsupported third party repositories which will invalidate support? If you are and additional perl modules are needed, then that would need a bug report or support request…

Thanks for your explanation!

I wouldn’t have had created this channel, if the installation of logwatch was successful without it.
On the other hand this check is over 3 years old. So I checked on an up-to-date SLES15-SP4 system:

(user@hostname):~> sudo zypper info --requires logwatch |egrep "perl|Repo"
Repository-Daten werden geladen...
Repository         : SUSE-PackageHub-15-SP4-Backports-Pool for x86_64
Zusammenfassung    : Analyzes and Reports on system logs

(user@hostname:~> sudo zypper info perl-Date-Manip |grep "Repo"
Repository-Daten werden geladen...
Repository         : perl modules (SLE_15_SP4)

(user@hostname):~> sudo zypper search-packages perl-Date-Manip
Could not search for the package: Get "": dial tcp i/o timeoutCannot read index for repository SLES15-15-0.
Following packages were found in following modules:

Package         Module or Repository                                         SUSEConnect Activation Command
--------------- ------------------------------------------------------------
perl-Date-Manip Installed
perl-Date-Manip Available in repo susemanager:sles15sp4-devel_languages_perl

Please correct me but my understanding is that perl-Date-Manip is provided by my special repository.only.

Tobias Crefeld.

@Crefeld You should consider SCC → Packages for your searching… perl-Date-Manip is available in the SLE-Module-DevTools15-SP5-Pool repository.

Screenshot from 2024-01-22 09-20-32

In the past “SLE-Module-DevTools15” wasn’t provided locally and therefore but I wasn’t aware that perl-Date-Manip is part of it.

So I can remove my “special channel” now as logwatch is the only rpm that needed it.

Thanks for the hint!

Tobias Crefeld.

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