SM3 client installation via GUI or command-line

Hi. Any preference for installing clients under SM3 via the GUI (Salt->Bootstrapping) or via the command-line (zypper ar ; zypper in salt-minion; edit /etc/salt/minion; systemctl start salt-minion)? I have decided to install clients via the command-line because it is easy to build into the clone process under VMware and, by simply running “systemctl enable salt-minion” in the VM template, cloned systems will magically appear in Salt->Onboarding when they boot for the first time.

However, by using the GUI, you are able to assign activation keys to systems. Is there a way to do this after you install via the command-line as documented in section 5.5 of the “Getting Started Guide”?

Looking at /etc/salt/minion.d/susemanager.conf, I found the answer. Rather than modifying /etc/salt/minion with the correct master: entry, the GUI installation method creates /etc/salt/minion.d/susemanager.conf with the following:


activation_key: [/CODE]

I will do the same for manual installation.