[Solved]Can Longhorn run with ROS nodes?

As title, I viewed several documents for setting up longhorn. I aware some commands are required and those can’t be installed in ROS unless running those commands as containers.

May I know if ROS nodes work with Longhorn or other OS is required?

Thanks // Hugo

Current RancherOS doesn’t support Longhorn yet. It’s expected to be addressed soon. Once it’s addressed, we will provide updated document for RancherOS.

You can use e.g. Ubuntu 16.04 for the time being.

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The RancherOS can be switcht over to a Ubuntu console.
Is it not possible to install the necessary packages with apt on the ROS Ubuntu console?

We just released Longhorn v0.4.1, which added support for RancherOS with CSI driver.

Before v0.4.1, you should be able to use Flexvolume driver with Longhorn but it’s not extensively tested.

Tried to launch LongHorn v0.4.1 (helm from rancher library) on e few RancherOS v1.5.1 nodes with the csi driver option selected in the helm chart, but still getting the openiscsi missing error.

Additional instructions needed?

@hnbakker Please see https://github.com/rancher/longhorn/blob/master/docs/rancheros.md for instructions to run on RancherOS.

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Hi, my first post here.

I’m trying to setup longhorn on rancherOS nodes too.
The link to rancheros.md document above is dead (and I couldn’t find any other doc in the repo).

I have installed 3 RancherOS VM’s (on a NUC i7-8559U/32GB Mem/1TB SSD running VMware ESXi, so not really high end HW :slight_smile: but not that bad either). Each VM has 8GB of memory and 2 vCPU’s. The VMs also have open-vm-tools 10.3.10 build 12406962.

In each ROS VM I’ve switched to the ubuntu console and installed open-iscsi.

ros console switch ubuntu
apt get update
apt install open-iscsi

Now I can run longhorn and create volumes.
But I see that the SCSI target daemon tgtd is eating all my CPU… So 100% CPU usage…

So I was wondering what to do… Is this a rancherOS thing? Or…

Any suggestions or directions?

I have the same problem with debian console on RancherOS: tgtd 100% CPU usage.