[Solved] Gitlab in Rancher setup from Rancher Ebook


I’m trying to get GitLab working in Rancher. I had a basic setup working from the community image. Then, I saw that rancher did a webinar with Gitlab and published an eBook “How to run GitLab in Rancher”. After watching the webinar, I downloaded the eBook and started going through all the steps.

After following the steps, and double checking that I did it right (actually had to redo it cause I messed up the gitlab.rb file), I still cannot get it working. Every time I try to go to GitLab I get a “503 Service Unavailable No server is available to handle this request.”

I’ve tried looking in all the log files. I don’t see any errors. Not sure if I’m missing a log file, something stupid I should know about, but anyone got any suggestions?

Edit: Finally noticed a typo! Solved!