some ask tags in AutoYast don't work


in my AutoYast.xml I want to input the Hostname, IP, Network Prefix & Gateway via the ask tags like in :
The problem is, only the Prefix and IP questions will show up during the installation. It’s not asking for the hostname or gateway, so after the installation the gateway is and the hostname is sles-test.
The order of the questions is a bit off too, it’s asking for the prefix first and then for the IP.
Is there something wrong with my config?

Snippet from my AutoYast.xml

220   <general>
221     <ask-list config:type="list">
222         <ask>
223             <path>networking,dns,hostname</path>
224             <question>Bitte Hostnamen angeben</question>
225             <stage>inital</stage>
226             <default>sles12-server</default>
227         </ask>
228         <ask>
229             <path>networking,interfaces,0,ipaddr</path>
230             <question>IP für eth0:</question>
231             <stage>initial</stage>
232             <default></default>
233         </ask>
234         <ask>
235             <path>networking,interfaces,0,prefixlen</path>
236             <question>Netzwerk Prefix</question>
237             <stage>initial</stage>
238             <default>16</default>
239         </ask>
240         <ask>
241             <path>networking,routing,routes,0,gateway</path>
242             <question>Gateway</question>
243             <stage>inital</stage>
244             <default></default>
245         </ask>
246     </ask-list>
247   </general>

268   <networking>
269     <dns>
270       <dhcp_hostname config:type="boolean">false</dhcp_hostname>
271       <hostname>sles-test</hostname>
272       <nameservers config:type="list">
273         <nameserver></nameserver>
274         <nameserver></nameserver>
275       </nameservers>
276       <resolv_conf_policy>auto</resolv_conf_policy>
277       <write_hostname config:type="boolean">false</write_hostname>
278     </dns>
279     <interfaces config:type="list">
280       <interface>
281         <bootproto>static</bootproto>
282         <device>eth0</device>
283         <ipaddr></ipaddr>
284         <netmask></netmask>
285         <prefixlen>16</prefixlen>
286         <startmode>auto</startmode>
287       </interface>
288       <interface>
289         <bootproto>static</bootproto>
290         <device>lo</device>
291         <firewall>no</firewall>
292         <ipaddr></ipaddr>
293         <netmask></netmask>
294         <network></network>
295         <prefixlen>8</prefixlen>
296         <startmode>nfsroot</startmode>
297         <usercontrol>no</usercontrol>
298       </interface>
299     </interfaces>
300     <ipv6 config:type="boolean">false</ipv6>
301     <keep_install_network config:type="boolean">true</keep_install_network>
302     <managed config:type="boolean">false</managed>
303     <routing>
304       <ipv4_forward config:type="boolean">false</ipv4_forward>
305       <ipv6_forward config:type="boolean">false</ipv6_forward>
306       <routes config:type="list">
307         <route>
308           <destination>default</destination>
309           <device>-</device>
310           <gateway></gateway>
311           <netmask>-</netmask>
312         </route>
313       </routes>
314     </routing>
315   </networking>

Also tried pathlist like discribed in but no success

<pathlist config:type="list"> <path>networking,dns,hostname</path> <path>...</path> </pathlist>



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