SP3 3.0.101-0.47.79 kernel deadlock (dump_trace+0x75/0x300)

Hi friends,

I have a SLES sp3 kernel version “Linux sepcomtas01 3.0.101-0.47.79-default #1 SMP Fri Apr 22 06:30:00 UTC 2016 (9d3a4e8) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux”. It doesn’t seem to be different from any other sles that I have installed. Any ideas?

server installed on vmware


Hi hernan_fernandez,

if you have (long-term) support, it might be a good idea to open a service request to have some SUSE engineer pin-point the actual cause of the problem.

Do you have more in the logs than this (ok, the actual deadlock messages are missing, but I’m referring to further errors/warnings reported prior to the deadlock, since last reboot). Maybe the VMware log offers more details as well.

Other than that? I have nothing to point at. You might try to “fix” things by rebooting the VM (although 19 days isn’t much uptime, for sure) and/or verify the file systems and installed packages for corruption. But all that is nothing more than a shot in the dark, as would be asking for an extended hardware check to rule out memory errors.