Specifying additional disks in a kiwi configuration

I’d like to be able to specify additional disks (sdb and sdc for example) and set LVMs on these target devices.

I couldn’t find a way to specify such configuration in Kiwi. I’m not sure if this is valid in Kiwi at all!

I’m no Kiwi expert and my search on the internet didn’t lead to any useful information.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Before thinking too much about your proposed problem,

I guess I’d ask how certain you’d be that the target device would have
those additional disks.
If the image is to be flexible, the only disk you can be sure exists is

I would guess that it’s better to mount any additional disks or volumes
by script than to build them into the base image (The image can auto run
a script you provide).

Just thinking(or not),

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No you are right. We need to leave that to a secondary step, during the initial configuration. Thanks for the reply.