Splashy on initramfs


I have created by my own initramfs(on suse linux) manually. That is, I created the directory structure and placed init script in it and made cpio image and everything works fine.
I am using busybox for utilities in initramfs.

Now I have a requirement to show boot splash screen in initramfs, while some tasks (like copying data from one disk to another) are being performed.
I have chosen Splashy for this.

what I have done is that I installed the splashy in the linux environment, and then copied its binaries and dependent files(and libraries) in initramfs directories, with similar path.

But when I try to run /sbin/splashy , I get the segmentation fault.

P.S. I do not know if this forum is the right forum to post this query but Splashy’s own forum is outdated and no one is replying.

Can anyone please provide some references as to how to attack this problem ?