Ssh into EC2 instances spun up by rancher

I’ve set up an Rancher instance and planning to set up to k8s hosts. The problem is when they spin up, they have their own ssh keys that I don’t have therefore can’t access the instance. I know when the instance finishes setting up I can download the configurations and find the ssh key there, but in situation when the host fails to spin up or while it’s spinning up, I have no way of ssh-ing into it. Is there a workaround for this?

in rancer when you click on the instance, you can download the config. (zip file)

in the zip file is the key rancher used.

Somehwere in 1.2-preX releases you can download the machine config earlier. But generally if a VM fails to create docker-machine will remove it automatically.

This worked like a charm. From the Infrastructure - Hosts menu, select the node (to which you want to ssh) and select Machine Config. This will download the entire machine config (as a zip) file to your local machine.

Unzip the file and copy the id_rsa file to some work directory - say $HOME/temp

$ssh-add $HOME/temp/id_rsa Adds the private key to ur keyset

Once done… you should be able to ssh using

ssh root@